Foot Massage

Chinese foot massage.or reflexalogy,is a technique based on the long history theory to stimulate the reflex points in the feet linking to various glands and internal organs of the body.This simulation can improve the performance of the glands and organs and is effective against:back pains,migraines,arthritis,sleep disorders,hormonal imbalances,digestive disorders,stress-related conditions and sports injuries.

Noproblem Ion Balance Bio Sole Pad is designed based on reflexalogy technique.The profile of the sole pad is made to the reflex points in feet so that the body weight applies focus pressure to the reflex points located in the foot to have the reflexalogy performance.The adding of negative ions and far infrared ray can enhance to have the excellent performance.

The benefits of foot reflexology

  1. Reduces the level of stress.
  2. Increases blood circulation.
  3. Assists the body in returning to a state of balance.
  4. Improvement of migraines,arthritis,sleep disorders,hormonal imbalance,digestive disorders.