Are magnets good for you?

Magnets have been around even in the earliest days to help our ancestors ease a number of medical conditions. Today, recent studies from the University of Virginia revealed that magnets have an effect in boosting circulation and reducing or preventing inflammation and swelling in rats. According to this study, people too, can benefit from magnetic therapy in reducing pain caused by sports injuries.


The Food and Drug Administration(USFDA) has recently put restrictions on the sale of healing magnets to protect Americans from deceitful and unscrupulous sellers. You must remember that there are absolutely no claims that magnetic objects can heal medical conditions such as AIDS, asthma, or arthritis. However, they have recently allowed magnetic objects to be sold to help reduce pain and improve the blood circulation of our bodies.

The Required Magnetic Strength

In order to get the health benefits from magnets, they need to be not lower than 300 gauss. A gauss is a unit that measures the strength of magnets. The higher the number is the better benefits you will get. Most people require a magnet with 5000 gauss to actually reap and feel the benefits.

Many magnetic products sold in the market are lacking in strength. They do not have the required strength to produce the benefits. If you want to be assured that the magnet you will purchase is 300 gauss and above in strength, better buy it online or from department stores.