Platinum Membership

Duration: 8 Weeks

An intensive rehabilitation program to enhance recovery process for survivors of arthritis; stroke, pains and other disabilities. This holistic program focuses on maintaining and improving physical, psychological, behavioural, recreational and vocational aspects of the individual’s life.
We all need to feel a sense of belonging and support, but for someone with these conditions it is essential for them to have effective management.
The therapy plan includes:

  1. Provide intensive, individualized rehabilitation.
  2. Maximize each person’s functional abilities and level of independence.
  3. Provide extensive training and education for the person and their family.
  4. Rebuild the person’s quality of life.
  5. Organize activities that facilitate a smooth transition back to their home, community, school
    and/or work
  6. Learn and develop coping strategies to manage your pain (e.g. pacing, planning, relaxing, goal setting, communicating assertively, and thinking in adaptive ways)
  7. Set realistic goals to start regaining control over your life, while increasing your knowledge of chronic pain and chronic pain self-management
  8. Remain active and engage in meaningful activities (e.g. recreation, household, vocational, hobbies, and social)
  9. Identify other community services you can access
  10. Improve posture, overall physical fitness, emotional health, and quality of life



This group allows survivors to help themselves create meaningful lives. Living with stroke can make someone feel isolated. Friends and family members may not be able to understand the daily struggle to complete the simplest of tasks, and they may be worn out from care giving.

Our support group aims to provide individualized rehabilitation that can promote the highest level of functioning that is possible. Because of this, we have established the following goals for how we care for each individual who participates in stroke rehabilitation program.


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